Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Padlet review by Alex Pritchard

Name of App: Padlet

Cost: Free

Device/s used: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices

What does it do?

Padlet allows you to create artistic canvases that you can share with friends and collaborate with them in groups. The canvases could lead to many creative projects such as Q & A, leaflets, notes for your revision and much more projects for the user.

What was good about this tool?
You can type up texts and spread them across to your friends, similar to twitter and Facebook. Padlet can help you create walls filled with imaginative ideas based on your typing. 

You can spread your revision notes all across Padlet, attaching documents, pictures or videos. So when it is time to revise, you can go up on your Padlet account to review all of the topic information all in one go. 

In addition, you can create mind maps to spread out your ideas, so you won't lose your notes.

What are the limitations of this tool?
When you use the app version of Padlet, you are restrained by the device you're using whereas when you use your computer for Padlet, it's more spread out.

How did you use this tool? 
I used Padlet for making my wall on the topic of my interest to keep my information in a more spaced out environment. So my work could be organised and would not be able to lose it. 

Would you recommend this tool? 
I would definitely recommend Padlet to my fellow students, colleagues and teachers with a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Final Thoughts by Chloe

Becoming Student Innovator I have learnt a lot about apps. I attended the BETT show which was very helpful and learnt a lot about different exhibitions and me, Jess and Catherine presented about Student Innovators and why theses apps like Aurasma can help with assignments and learning throughout the college.

I have learnt about new apps that can help me with my assignments for example popplet. Being a student innovator has built my confidence, by presenting at the BETT show to audience. I have also used Popplet to help with my assignments, which has been a very successful way when planning my assignment out.

At our department team meeting is where we will be presenting apps that we have chosen, that we think will be helpful to students at the college and to also help the teachers. By telling teachers what we have been doing as a Student Innovator, we will then be bringing awareness of apps like Aurasma and why they will be useful to students and teachers.

A skill that I can take away is some of the apps that I have found useful, I can take them to university where I can use the apps like popplet to help me with my assignments there.

Final Thoughts by Jessica

I have been a Student Innovator for the last year and have enjoyed working with a range of people in exploring new apps and how this can help in the development of learning.  

I chose to become an Innovator, as I enjoy the concept of technology and finding new ways of developing ideas.  I've enjoyed communicating with Julie Haines, our Head of Department and other staff members in creating and discussing future opportunities for the project.  

With the development of the blog on the Student Innovator page, this helps to create a central platform for students and staff to find useful information, of apps reviewed by fellow innovators.  This function can also help develop English and Maths skills through review writing.  

A few apps we have focussed on this year include Kahoot and Aurasma, which we presented about at the BETT Show in front of a large audience in London; which was an excellent trip.   

Overall, it has been a great experience, where I've built in confidence and met lovely staff members who are all helpful and supportive.

Thank you Catherine for all your help!

Good luck future Innovators! 

Final Thoughts by Emily

From being a Student Innovator at Gloucestershire College I have enjoyed experiencing new apps that are helping with both learning and teaching for students and teachers. I now have gathered information about Pinterest, Evernote, Aurasma and other apps and how they can be used. Aurasma was our main Student Innovator project where we have designed our own auras using images, music and text to capture interest and aid better learning.

I decided to become a Student Innovator because I strive on learning new things and becoming part of a project I find exciting especially when knowing that technology is advancing. The project will be widely used and more people will be finding Aurasma beneficial. Jess, Chloe and I had a discussion with Julie Haines, understood any feedback she had and now are attending  our department team meeting to increase awareness for any apps we find beneficial and to explain what Student Innovators is about. Future innovators can develop Aurasma within the college and further promote it.  

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Final Thoughts by Sasha

I became a Student Innovator because someone suggested that I would enjoy the experience, which I have. It has provided me an opportunity to explore different apps and see what range of apps there are. I will take away the confidence to try new technology and new apps in the future.

I would recommend this for future students to have a go!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Final Thoughts by Bekii

I decided to continue my journey with the Student Innovators throughout my second year at college because I enjoyed contributing back to the college and helping the new college students to find apps that can make their studies easier.

This year I have reviewed mostly revision style apps such as Gojimo and Khan Academy and even set up a revision hub in which students could come and try out revision apps and ask any questions they have had about the reviewed apps. I was also given the opportunity to help to give a speech at DigiFest about what we do as Student Innovators. This was a great learning experience and something that a will help me in the future with presentations.

I would recommend any student to become a Student Innovator as it is not a huge commitment and the fulfilment you feel from helping other students and partaking in college activities is worth donating a few minutes to review an app that could even be of use in your own studies. You learn many functional skills from being an Innovator and can even earn a skills badge.

Final Thoughts by Liam

I became an Innovator because I enjoy testing out new apps and enjoy helping people find apps relevant to them. This year I have looked at IT related apps, such as Team Viewer and Virtual Box which I recommend to other students who are interested in using IT. I attended JISC DigiFest and I took away knowledge about IT, I enjoyed finding out about VR linked with the Playstation, there was also free food!

I recommend being an Innovator because I can see new apps and try them out to recommend to other students for their studies.